Car Repairs in Rushden

Our qualified technicians are fully trained with years of experience in the motor industry

At JVS Auto Solutions we have a professional team of skilled and experienced technicians that can provide quality repairs for all makes. Here are some of the common repairs we deal with:

Cambelt Repairs

A snapped cambelt can amount to a very expensive repair bill indeed as it can require valve replacement and engine head dismantling to fix. With the materials and labouring cost potentially setting you back hundreds of pounds, its definitely something that you want to avoid. Hefty costs like this can be avoided by making an effort to replace your cambelt every three years (or 60,000 miles) to avoid the belt snapping and causing unnecessary damage to your engine. Replacing the belt is generally far more economic than the subsequent repairs resulting from cambelt failure and is significantly less time consuming.


All clutches will inevitably wear away over the course of a vehicles life, the facings on the clutch disk simply deteriorate through prolonged use - its an unavoidable result of using your vehicle. As well as this the pilot bearing/bushing or fork can wear and stop the clutch from maintaining proper functioning. It is also worth noting that oil contamination can begin to deteriorate even the most pristine clutches.

It can often be difficult to diagnose whether or not your clutch needs attention, but here are some common warning signs:

  • Transition in the “biting” point of your clutch pedal
  • Loss of drive
  • Loss of power or reduced acceleration
  • Stiff clutch pedal
  • Difficulty in switching gears
  • Grinding noises when switching gears


Your brakes are the primary safety feature within your vehicle, therefore it is imperative that they are fully functioning and that there isn't anything actively dampening their responsiveness or overall efficiency. There are a number of warnings signs that indicate your brakes may be failing:

  • Juddering motion when braking - potential warped front disc.
  • Grinding noises - brake pads wearing low.
  • Vehicle pulls upon breaking - hydraulic issue or sticking brake.
  • Brake pedal dropping to the floor - possible brake fluid leak.
  • Hard brake pedal – Brake servo assistance problems.
  • Brake pedal dropping to the floor – Possible brake fluid leak.

Aside from these we also have the facilities to perform Wheel Bearing repairs, Mot repairs, Tyre balancing, puncture repairs, wheel alignment.

If your vehicle requires a repair job not listed, feel free to call us directly on 01933 741175 for a personalised estimate.

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