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Are you Looking for cheap car and van tyres in Rushden and Northants? Choose JVS Auto Solutions for the best range of tyres at our fitting station.

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You can now order tyres online using our interactive ordering system. Simply enter your vehicle registration number and select your tyre sizes to view a huge range of budget, mid-range and premium tyres for cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles. Whether you're looking for summer tyres, winter tyres or even run-flats we stock the lot keeping in the big named tyre brands like Landsail, Toyo, Sailwin, Bridgestone, Avon and more.

Once you have submitted your order you will receive a booking confirmation sent to your email address confirming your book details and fitting date. No payment will be taken online.

How to use Tyre Labelling to compare Economy and Premium Tyres
  • Fuel Efficiency: A measure of the tyres rolling resistance, which has an impact on your vehicle's fuel efficiency. This is rated from A (highest score) to G (lowest score).
  • Wet Grip: A measure of the tyres braking ability in wet conditions. Wet grip is rated from A (highest rating) to F (lowest rating).
  • Noise: A measure of the external noise produced by the tyre on the road, in decibels. The black sound waves indicate the noise class of the tyre - from 1 (quiet) to 3 (loud).
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Depth of tyre tread

Inadequate tread depth compromises braking performance, reducing your safety on the road. It is therefore advisable to have your tyres checked regularly to ensure your well-being whilst driving.

Tyre pressure

Having the correct pressure in your tyres both optimises your performance and increases your personal safety. Having inadequate tyre pressure decreases your grip and can significantly increase your fuel consumption.

Checking Tread for stones

Removing any stones or objects from the tread and checking for any early warning signs are all great ways to prevent premature tyre wear.

Tyre valves tightened

It is highly important that all valves are adequately tightened. The loss of air pressure can cause the tire to run hot or go flat - A low tire is a dangerous tire!

General tyre wear

It is advisable to regularly have your car checked for any general wear that may occur on a day to day basis. What might be a very small problem can develop into a much more serious issue if disregarded.

We are an approved tyre garage and part of The Good Garage Scheme meaning you can always rely on us for top-quality tyre services. Call our team today on 01933 741175 or using our Contact form.

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